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Sailing Season offers full, practical, hands-on training plus the appropriate theory courses.

Introduction to Sailing: One day practical on-the-water.
NauticEd Qualified Crew / Basic Keelboat: Two days practical on-the-water and NauticEd’s Qualified Crew online course .
NauticEd Qualified Skipper / Basic Coastal Cruising: Two days practical on-the-water and NauticEd’s Skipper and Maneuvering Under Power online courses .
NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master / Bareboat Cruising: Three days practical on-the-water and NauticEd’s Bareboat Charter Master online bundle of courses.
NauticEd Coastal Navigation: Classroom tutoring. Includes NauticEd’s Coastal Navigation online course and 12 hours of classroom instruction.


Why choose a NauticEd training school?

Gone are the days when new sailors learned how to sail by spending thousands of dollars on an intense three-day sailing and classroom marathon, where only a small amount of the information was retained, and the documentation became outdated every few years. Although this option is still available, only NauticEd enables you learn the basics of sailing, terminology, theory and practical insight online, while having unlimited access to updates and courses for life.

Online courses are common in the business world and offer other advantages that include the ability to work at your own pace and obtain significant knowledge before ever stepping on a boat. NauticEd provides the preparatory knowledge base; Sailing Season provides practical experience and hands-on instruction. We spend an extensive amount of time with our students reviewing and practicing the information gained from the online courses. This serves to reinforce the information and theory, develop practical applied skills, and provides verification to charter companies that students possess the knowledge and skills to operate a modern sailing yacht.

Using a combination of online study and practical experience with a knowledgeable instructor offers the greatest flexibility, fastest learning curve and best value of any other training method. Take as long as you need, there is no time limit; the online courses do not expire and are professionally designed for ease of learning. Schedule your time on the water at your convenience. Course work, instructor verification, crew and skipper hours are all recorded in an included cloud-based logbook that is widely accepted and easily shared with bareboat charter companies.

Sailing Theory vs Hands-on Experience

At Sailing Season, we are here to ensure your success. We believe a solid foundation is built on both Sailing Theory and Hands-On Practical Experience or “experiential learning”. We will simplify the theory through discussion and demonstration in actual conditions, thus combining both aspects to ensure that our students are confident, competent, and knowledgeable sailors. Our goal is to give you the skill level and confidence to handle a boat safely and get the maximum enjoyment out of sailing. Visit the NauticEd website at and take the FREE complimentary class. Call Sailing Season to schedule an introductory sail at a reduced price. You’ll take the wheel the first time out and discover for yourself why so many boaters enjoy sailing.

Your sailing adventure starts here…

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