About Sailing Season


Long Island Sound is an amazing place to sail. We have hundreds of places to go including quiet anchorages, picturesque New England towns, beautiful marinas with pools and cookout grills. We also have first-class shopping, entertainment, and fine dining.

It is a great place to learn because we have a lot of challenging variety including, currents, rocks, nuclear submarines, ferries and lobster pots. I had one person tell me that when he told the rental agent of an island charter company that he learned to sail in Long Island Sound, the guy just handed him the keys. You really learn a lot fast sailing on Long Island Sound.

The Sailing Season and NauticEd Training Advantage

You need time on the water to become a confident sailor. Our program gives you the most hands-on time on the water. You don’t waste time on book work on a good sailing day.

Do you agree that learning should be fun, interactive and delivered in a way that provides the shortest learning curve? Sailing, just as with many other sports, requires theoretical knowledge plus hands-on practical training and experience to develop the skills required to become successful. Numerous university studies have demonstrated that a “blended” approach, featuring web-based training containing interactive elements, combined with instructor-led lectures and practical exercises, provides the shortest learning curve.

Welcome to Sailing Season and NauticEd. With NauticEd you learn at your own pace online at home or while traveling, without the need to carry a stack of books in your luggage or buy new ones when they are rewritten. Entertaining courses are in multimedia format with interactive animation, videos, and colorful graphics to hold your attention and aid retention. Upon completion of your online theory, you are fully prepared to take our practical, hands-on training; it will be of greater value to you because we will spend less time in a classroom and far more of your time applying the practical skills themselves on the water.

Summary of Advantages

  • Extensive, hands-on experience on modern boats equipped similar to the ones used by major charter companies
  • Shorter learning curve
  • Better knowledge retention through interactive, entertaining, multimedia presentations combined with hands-on instruction
  • Immediate access to training materials
  • Updates are always free, unlike books that must be repurchased
  • Review eLearning classes as often as you would like at no additional cost
  • Online Theory classes (NauticEd), practical skill verification (from Sailing Season) and free logbook of experience stored online
  • Your automated resume is securely stored in The Cloud and accessible by the charter company that you book with– No more stickers, ragged paper logbooks, filling out forms and faxing
  • NauticEd is accepted by charter companies worldwide
  • NauticEd is also part of an international ICC accreditation program and the ONLY North American distance-learning center affording access to the ICC license
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