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Sail Your Boat When You Want To Sail Not just when you have time to get the boat ready Imagine This: You have just a short weekend to sail. You drive to your boat You board your boat It is ready to sail Food, Drinks, Fuel, Batteries, Sails, Propane Engine Check It even smells nice not all musty. We cover from Milford to New London CT You want to sail but do not want to do all the work. We make sure your boat is ready to sail any time of day or night 24 x 7. Over 20 years of experience with sailboats and managing skilled workers. Enjoy Sailing Skip The Work


Your going to be out of town for two weeks but you want to go sailing the day you get back for the weekend. And worst of all it is the first sail of the year, the yard just put your boat in the water. We check and test everything right down to stocking the refrigerator and programming waypoints on the new GPS. All you have to do is step on the boat and go. The yard is going to AllGrip your deck you are about to loose your slot with the yard painter because the mechanics are too busy. We find someone to remove the hardware so you get your slot. You get back late from a weekend sail and have to immediately leave to make it back in time for work. We will clean up the boat that Monday and make everything ship shape. You come back from a nice sail but notice a couple of things that broke or were lost during your trip. We replace them before your next sail. You want to go on an extended cruse but need crew. We will do the interviewing for you. You just approve with a final meet and greet. You don't trust the yard to do some work but are not quite up to doing the job yourself. We will work with you, side by side, so you have an extra hand but still know the job is done right. Enjoy Sailing Skip The Work


Mission:To provide a trouble free fun sailing experince. Background: David Metzler the founder of Sailing 24 x 7 started sailing in the late 70's on Lasers, Sunfish and a Star Class. In the early 80's we sailed a 22' O'Day around the west cost of Florida and finally out to the keys. We lived aboard the O'Day for several months. Yes we were much younger and thinner at the time. Over the years we worked on the restoration of classic wooden sailing ships and building backyard boats. Recently we have been sailing Long Island Sound as much as we can and doing a little racing. David Metzler has had many years supervising technical people and knows how to get a quality job done right. It is really not that hard. We just have to be extremely diligent and assume nothing.