Block Island 4th of July 2013

Can you make out our boat?

Not the one with the red stripe sail cover. We are the one with the open forpeak hatch Block Island 1

This is a better view

Block Island 2

The moorings were full too.

Block Island 3    

The basic Numbers

  Diane and I borrowed Ross's boat a '76 Bristol 32' Sloop. We left from Port Clinton Marina at about 7:30 PM Tues night July 2, 2013 We motor sailed the whole way traveling about 23 miles to the Race by 11:30 PM We continued to motor sail and arrived in Block Island about 3:45 AM on Weds and borrowed a private mooring until the early am when we moved the boat to a slip at Chaplain's Marina we had booked the month before. The trip back started on Saturday July 6th about 12:30 PM Fighting the wind and current we didn't make the Race until about 7PM We made good time and anchored behind Duck Island off Westbrook at about 11PM The following morning Sunday July 7 we left Duck Island about 7:00 AM and arrived at our slip in Port Clinton about 7:45 PM. It took about an hour and half to unload the boat and clean up. We started with 20 gallons of gas in the tank plus an extra 5 gallon portable tank. I estimate the trip out took about 7 gallons for the eight hour plus trip.

Observations on gear that worked pretty well.

Atomic 4 Engine worked very well, started no problem. It took about a half quart of oil after the first 8 hours of operation. The temperature gauge showed 185 degrees but is known to read about 10 degrees high. The water in the expansion tank never changed. Roller furler worked great. There is no retainer at the top so the halyard angle is not ideal but it seems to work anyway. Anchor worked well, the chain is way too short only about 6 feet should be more like 30 feet. It really held well in the mud at Duck Island. The main halyard worked OK but the lazy jacks make it a little tricky. Depth finder worked perfectly but was very hard to read at night. The boat is very dry. Navigation lights Camp stove worked OK

Observations on gear that did not work.

Masthead light Steaming light Macerator pump is connected wrong