Currents in the C&D Canal

Other: dont travel on the Del. Bay if there is strong NW or SE winds predicted or blowing, especially if youre 'against' the tide. 6-8ft. very steep chop is 'traditional' w/ strong NW/SW 'blows' on the shallow Del. Bay. Other2: Only two places to anchor in 'protected water' on the whole Del. Bay between C&D and Cape May: 1. Cohansey River - with BIG tide/current flow, 2. Maurice River (way off the 'beaten path') Other3: With 'light' winds, Expect to be 'eaten alive' by 'greenheads', stable flies, various gnats, and mosquitos during 'wet' or 'spring' - the reason nobody lives along the shores of the Del. Bay. Rich, We have success anchoring behind Reedy Island in staying out of the blows as well as chop also Dave via Currents in the C&D Canal - SailNet Community.