Excuses to not go sailing

  • There is no wind
  • There is too much wind
  • Rain
  • It is too hot
  • It is too cold
  • It's too late
And there are many more excuses. Let me tell you a story. This afternoon I had planned on going sailing. Before leaving I checked the weather forecast. NOAA called for 5 to 7 knots. I checked my special tree, the one that moves in the slightest breeze, nothing. It was planned, I had a friend at the dock ready to go. We went and the wind was perfect. Perfect tide, perfect wind from the perfect direction. It would have been really easy to skip it as there still was no wind at the dock the whole time. Over 30 years ago I worked as a union carpenter. I learned a valuable lesson about life from the job foreman on my first job. No matter what the weather we were to get in full dress including tool belt, helmet, Carharts and boots and meet at the work trailer at 8AM. At that time the boss would make the call. Sometimes we waited at the trailer for a half hour and be sent home. Most of the time however it would clear enough for us to work most of the day. If we individually tried to make the call from our bed at 7AM we would probably never have finished the building we were working on. I find that I go out more if I just go and have a backup plan.
  • For example if I'm afraid of light wind that is a good time to calibrate the compass or check the anchor.
  • If I'm afraid of heavy wind I reef at the dock and give it go. I'll come back in if it's too bumpy I'm not crazy but sometimes its not as bad as it looks.
  • Too hot is seldom a a real problem, it's always cooler onĀ  the water.
  • Too cold is never a problem. We went out January 1st and had a great time. You can always dress warmer and come in earlier.
Make sure you invite others. You will go sailing to not dissapoint your guests. It's a blessing to have a boat so you might as well use it.