Marine Equipment Index – Seawell Marine

Marine Equipment Index - Seawell Marine.

Aerial Tour Iceland – Gulfoss Waterfall in the Golden Circle Route – YouTube

Aerial Tour Iceland - Gulfoss Waterfall in the Golden Circle Route - YouTube.

STANDOUT YACHT FITTINGS | Products | Products and Pricing

STANDOUT YACHT FITTINGS | Products | Products and Pricing.

Baltic Pilot Industrial Lifejacket

Baltic Pilot Industrial Lifejacket.

Fiberglass Supply good prices

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Rust Converter

Eastwood Rust ConverterRust Converter stops residual rust, and turns it into a black, protective, ready-to-paint coating, without sanding Eastwoods own high-tech formula converts rust into a protective polymeric coating thats ready to go as a primer, and is compatible with most top coats. That new protective coating will also seal the surface against moisture to prevent future rus via Eastwood Rust Converter | Rust Converters | Auto Rust Converter.


I installed the refrigeration equipment. The second problem found in most marine refrigeration installations is that people install the compressor and evaporator in the engine room, which is the hottest place on board-even when the engine is not running. But the compressor needs cool air as a heat sink, otherwise the chilling process is inefficient and the motor needs to run all the time, using up power and wearing out the moving parts. I solved this by building a plywood housing around the refrigeration equipment and force-venting it with a fan and a deck-mounted mushroom vent. Damato, Glenn (2012-11-11). Breaking Seas: An overweight, middle-aged computer nerd buys his first boat, quits his job, and sails off to adventure (p. 164). Ninth Circle Press. Kindle Edition.

Choosing a Life Raft

Choosing a Life Raft - Inside Practical Sailor Blog Article.

Coating/sealing plywood with epoxy.

A few years back I discovered Smiths Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer, CPES for short. It was developed for use in restoring rotted wood but it was soon recognized as an excellent primer/sealer for new wood as well. I use it now on almost all new wood construction that I do, under varnish, oil base paints and latex. The best part is once youve applied it and it has cured enough a few hours to a day you can paint right over it! No cleaning, no sanding, no touch up, go straight to paint. Well, I do often give it a light sanding before I start varnishing but not with oil base primers or latex paints. Ive never been disappointed with its performance and Ive never had a failure using it. Smiths now sells this product under the label "MultiWoodPrime" and lots of info about it can be found at their website: via Instant Boats Message Boards • View topic - Coating/sealing plywood with epoxy..


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