Inflatable Sea Eagle Boats 4 Less

Inflatable Boats 4 Less.

Great place to buy Sea Eagle inflatable boats

Mason 43

Mason 43 for under $40,000! – SailNet Community.

Solid blue water boat

Tom Neil Selecting A Boat for Offshore Cruising

Selecting a Boat for Offshore Cruising

Since 1976 I have professionally consulted for hundreds of people seeking cruising boats. My experience in the marine industry is unique; 303,000 miles and 37 years worldwide ocean sailing experience plus boatbuilding, surveying and previously owning a yacht brokerage. As my time available for consultation is limited, it is only appropriate that I charge for this service and conduct it by email.

For $600 your unlimited email consultation includes:

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What Kind of Boat is Best for Bluewater Sailing?

Oyster is a very high quality boat, but among the most expensive yachts on the market. I prefer a little more value and a little less bling, so I tend to steer towards boats like Shannon, Passport, Mason, Valiant, Caliber, Pacific Seacraft and Tartan among others.

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