Installed prop zinc, cleaned shaft

Started sanding bottom

Finished waxing port side

Finished waxing port side

Kicked out by management until I produced insurance.

Waxed Starboard side

Waxed Starboard Side

Used 3m wax that was in a full container left on boat.

Not the best product but OK, combination light compound and wax.

Finished Compounding Starboard

Finished compounding starboard side of boat
Installed raw water hose and 4 clamps without strainer, hopefully temporally.
Tested sanding bottom, will need resperator, shop vac, hat, gloves etc

After about six store I finally found a tap and die metric set. With the tap I was able to save the prop nut so we don’t have to order a new one. 23.39

Brushes, towels, gloves for acid, metal bucket $58.75

I had good long talk with a real diesel expert that knows the Volvo Penta 2002.

Started Compounding Starboard Side

No Dock Rash (Click for Larger Image)

Taped the starboard side at the waterline to work on the free-board.
Scrubbed starboard side
Scrubbed out starboard dock rash
Put batteries on boat, not hooked up yet
Finished wire brushing keel on starboard then started on port.
Started compounding on starboard side

Tuxis Lumber: $38.00
Paint Thinner, Pail, Duct Tape, wire wheel, light







Started Wire Brushing Keel

Port Supply: 6.68
Raw water hose, clamp,

Port Supply: 12.51
Hose Clamps for below water line use.

Good progress brushing the keel on starboard side.

Put the wheel back, it is all shiny now.

Discovered that the engine coolant resavoir tank is empty trying to find out why.

Shopping Day

Advanced Auto Batteries 150.24

Port Supply: 391.68
Prop Zinc, Bottom Paint, Brushes, Sand Paper, FSR, etc.




I took off the batteries and dropped them off to be tested.

One battery was completely dead and one was very low. They have a special meter that can quickly test the health of the battery.

I stopped off at the Home Depot and bought some supplies: sandpaper, spray lubricant,
roller kit for bottom, buffing kit for stainless and buffing wheel for the keel, etc. $75.81


Polished Wheel

Lazy rainy Saturday.

Polished the wheel just so I could say I did something.

This is what it looked like

Dirty Gross Wheel (Click for larger image)


Dropped propeller off to Hale
Said to check with him in two weeks. Expects it to be about $100 to save the prop.
Need to order zinc, nut, washer and screw from Beneteau expect about $50.00

Took off steering wheel to take home and clean.

Took off autohelm to repair if possible.
Re installed cockpit table to get it out of the cabin.
Removed fire extinguishers for disposal, they are expired. Will do safety gear check later.
Took home knob for heater, I think I can fix it.
Returned gear puller for credit
Picked up screws for sole board repair they were special stainless metric screws.
Repaired sole board with screws
Removed key for propeller shaft as recommended by Hale.
Found two spare raw water impellers plus three filters.
Found location on engine for cap I found in the bildge
Took home portable radio to charge

Paid for screws from Port Supply 3.40