Got new Gauge

It was the wrong one. But the good news is that with a little help from friends I think I know what to do now. Next time I should get the right one.  

Weekend off to get Sailing Teacher Certified

Went to NYC Fri, Sat and Sun and passed certification test.

Met Cindy at Boat

Memory a little fuzzy some time from Mon 16 to Thurs 19 I met Cindy at the boat and took some notes. Cleared off some gear to make room, Opened up the sails to see what they need (just cleaning), found the sheets, Got the dinghy from Cindy, Found the dinghy parts and inflated the dinghy. And ordered a gauge and got registration info from Cindy  

Took day off

Just took Diane up to see the shiny new prop

Installed Propeller

Installed Propeller, and propeller zinc and took pictures of rigging to sort out things I have questions about. Hale charged me $102.00. Propeller is showing signifcant signs of dezincification due primaraly to not being proteced with a zinc. It is showing the copper color but still has a good ring to it. It will likely last at least another season. A new prop costs about $650.oo so taking care of this one is important.   I have to figure out how to route the mainsheet so this serious chafe is fixed.    

Worked on Movie Set

Took thurs and fri off and went to NY to work on the movie set "The Bitter Pill" to be released next year.  

Started on Plumbing

Added anti-freeze to engine. Looked around at the hoses to count up clamps I need and figure out where stuff goes. Started to rain to quit early. I noticed the head sink and galley sinks through-hulls are frozen. It looks like they haven't been serviced in many years. Some may need to be replaced. This is more than I can take on at this time so we should put it on the list. I will get some emergency through hull plug stoppers so if one fails while I'm on the boat I can save the boat easily.  

Bottom Paint

That's it. Just did bottom paint with West Marine ablative.  

Finished sanding bottom

Andrew helped me finish wet sanding the bottom. Looks pretty good now. Ready for paint as soon as I wipe it with mineral spirits Bought westmarine ablative paint Met Dave Mathews friend of Gary the boat broker who I just missed.    

Wet sanding bottom port

Used 60 grid foam pads wet so I didn't have to worry about any dust