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If one is looking for a good ocean going cruising boat I've found the best values to be in what I call "the ports of broken dreams". These are usually destinations after an ocean crossing where the boat owners have found that sailing just isn't what they dreamed it would be.Some of these ports are, Honolulu, St Martin, Trinidad and Grenada.Quite often, if you can catch a boat before it has been sitting too long, you can get a fantastic deal on a boat that has virtually nothing wrong with it, it's just that the owners desperately need cash to restart their lives ashore.Getting a good deal on a boat in the US is more a factor of good research and information than location, but generally speaking boats up north are cheapest in the late fall, just before they are to be laid up for the winter.Also consider the cost of moving a boat from a distant location to where you want to use it, to help you decide if it really is a good deal, or not.
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