Coating/sealing plywood with epoxy.

A few years back I discovered Smiths Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer, CPES for short. It was developed for use in restoring rotted wood but it was soon recognized as an excellent primer/sealer for new wood as well. I use it now on almost all new wood construction that I do, under varnish, oil base paints and latex. The best part is once youve applied it and it has cured enough a few hours to a day you can paint right over it! No cleaning, no sanding, no touch up, go straight to paint. Well, I do often give it a light sanding before I start varnishing but not with oil base primers or latex paints. Ive never been disappointed with its performance and Ive never had a failure using it. Smiths now sells this product under the label "MultiWoodPrime" and lots of info about it can be found at their website: via Instant Boats Message Boards • View topic - Coating/sealing plywood with epoxy..