So we were comming into the dock and!!!

We we had sailed all night and mid morning we were anticipating breakfast and a shower at the yacht club at City Island. "Hugh"  is as at the helm I'm on the deck ready to secure the boat to the dock.  The dock we were aiming for is several hundred feet long. At the very end closest to us was a yacht and at the other end was a beautiful expensive looking power boat with probably a couple hundred feet between them. Piece of cake. All we have to do is miss the first boat come along the dock and stop any place. We come in a little faster than I would like, I'm calling out to reduce speed but we have lots of room I'm not worried. I step off the boat onto the dock holding the bow line. There are cleats every 15 feet or so but I'm walking a brisk pace to keep up with the boat. I don't want to cleat off the bow as that would cause the bow crash into the dock we were going a bit too fast for that. I'm calling for reverse now. The boat is not slowing so I call for more power in reverse. The boat speeds up, I'm now jogging and that beautiful powerboat is only about three boat lengths away. I shout something like "Are you sure you are in reverse". "Hugh" shouts something like "I think so". So I have four choices. Run for cover while "Hugh's" boat hits the powerboat. Cleat of the line and rip off the bow cleat or the dock cleat or worse. Try to get "Hugh" to kill the engine fast enough to do any good. (I really didn't have enough time to cocommunicate that and let the boat slow down enough to matter) I pick choice three and push the bow out as hard as I can and hop on the boat as we just miss the power boat and do 180 degree turn. We head out for the outer harbor and some open space because we seem to have a runaway engine. Once in deep water we shut off the engine and I look around. Did you guess what the problem was? The linkage between the transmission gear shift in the cockpit and the shift lever on the transmission fell apart. I was able to pin it together with a vicegrips until we docked. Lesson: Check the transmission everytime you start the engine. Always have a vicegrips in the toolbox.